Helping you get a better home, sooner.

YourHome provides you with the funds to overcome the deposit gap and a property buying expert so you can get a better home, sooner.

Helping you get into the market

We help you get into the housing market sooner, so you don't lose purchasing power in a rising market.

No interest, ever!

We aren't a bank, and this isn't debt. Yep, that's right, no interest, ever!

No repayments until you sell

You only need to pay us back when you sell. You can buy us out along the way, but that is up to you!

Renovate Away!

It's your home! If you want to renovate, go for it, we aren't here to stop you.

The Deposit Gap

The deposit gap is the biggest barrier to entry in the Australian housing market.

Housing continues to grow faster than people can save, with the time taken to save for a deposit doubling in the past decade, and estimated by some to be 9 years.

Buying a home feels more out of reach than ever for those that can't access the Bank of Mum and Dad.

We designed YourHome to fix that.

Supporting you with funds to increase your deposit, and expert buying advice to help buy your dream home that is also an excellent investment.


... even if house prices were to fall by 20% from current levels, it would still take the average Australian about nine years to save a 20 per cent deposit on the average home.... the deposit hurdle is likely to remain a problem for younger, poorer Australians without a ‘Bank of Mum and Dad’...

Grattan Institute
February 2022

How YourHome Works


You tell us your dream home and financial position

You tell us what your dream home looks like, what your savings balance is at, and how much finance you can get.



We let you know how much we can top up your deposit

We assess how much we can add to your savings and finalise your buying budget.



Our team of experts work with you to find a great home

Our property buying experts work closely with you to find great houses that are also an excellent investment.



You pick the property of your dreams and we help you close the deal

We inspect the property and negotiate the purchase of your dream home and co-invest with you in it.



It's yours! You get the keys to your home

When you decide to sell the property or buy us out, you pay us back our share


Here is an example of how YourHome can help you with the extra money you need for a deposit on a home.

Let’s assume you purchase a property for $1m with $200k equity (of which $50k, or 25% of the equity, is funded by YourHome).

Now, because our buyer advisors worked closely with you to get a home that suits both your lifestyle and is a quality property investment, we see the property grow in value over time to $1.4m).

This growth would see you 3X your equity (from $150k to $450k) and LongView’s equity would also grow the same amount (from $50k to $150k).

When you decide to sell the property or buy us out, you pay us back our share based on the proportion of equity we contributed upon purchase.


Making money with you, not from you

About Us

Who is LongView?


LongView wants a home for everyone. We advise buyers and manage properties that build wealth across generations and meet the needs of the people who live in them.


We are a leading property firm serving home buyers, landlords, and institutional investors with a long-term focus. Our teams combine finance and data analysis with on-the-ground knowledge so we can match the right properties to specific client needs. Our team consists of: 

  • Buyer advisors who have purchased thousands of properties so they know how to select investment-grade homes that will meet your financial and lifestyle needs.

  • Industry-leading data scientists who monitor property prices and market trends all day, everyday to give you an insider advantage.


  • Our team has backgrounds at firms such as McKinsey, BCG, KPMG, PwC, Bendigo Bank and Optus, combined with decades of property expertise, and experience founding and listing companies on the NASDAQ and ASX. We match the innovation of Silicon Valley with the rigour of top-tier firms

Our analysis of the property market has been featured in Melbourne’s The Age newspaper, the Sydney Morning Herald and the Financial Review.

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